Welcome to Virtual Skipper 2, the new version of the acclaimed regatta simulator with real-time 3D.
High-quality graphics and realistic simulation bring you the sights and sounds of a top-level regatta, with real-time arbitration of racing rules.

You can play alone against your computer, against one opponent on a split screen or against several opponents on a local area network or the Internet, with up to eight players per race.
Embark on the highly responsive Melges 24™, the high-performance and versatile Offshore Racer, the ACC™ (America’s Cup™ Class), or the Open 60 trimaran, the “Formula 1” racer of the seas.
Choose from among the worlds best waters - Quiberon Bay in France, The Needles in England, Hauraki Gulf in New Zealand, San Francisco Bay in the United States, or Porto Cervo in Italy - all faithfully reproduced in 3D.

Take the helm—the race is about to start! You’ll see your sails flutter and fill with wind, puffs and lulls form at the water’s surface, and your crew spring into action on the deck.

Test the wind, steer carefully, follow the rules of the race… and join the world’s largest sailing community, with over 120,000 players from all over the world.

Four types of boats, all with equally realistic modeling and simulation.
- Trimaran Open 60 - new -
- ACC™
- Offshore Racer
- Melges 24™ - new -

(See notes)

Five water stretches carefully modeled in 3D :
- San Francisco Bay in the United-States
- Hauraki Gulf in New Zeland
- Quiberon Bay in France
- The Needles in England
- The cliffs of Italy’s Porto Cervo - new -

(See notes)

Play 3 types of regattas...
- Single race : Match Race and Fleet regatta
- Championship - new -

Following International Racing Rules :
The rules governing the regattas have been approved by international umpires. Beware false starts, the infamous “starboard tack” right-of-way, and penalties…

The racing rules incorporated in VSK2 are so accurate and complete that this simulation is considered by the experts to be a teaching tool.

Four Modes Game :
- Mono player against the computer
- Two players on a split screen - new -
- Multi players on the Internet
- Multi players on LAN
- Waiting room displaying players and created regattas list

Complete, easy-to-use navigation aids :

Virtual Skipper 2
’s interactive 3D interface displays the following data:

- Real-time arbitration and display of international racing rules - new -
- Chat module with message history - new -
- Radar displaying the regatta course and the position of your competitors
- Selection and trimming of sails - new -
- Chronometer - new -
- Accurate, complete onboard instrumentation (real and apparent wind angle and speed, heel, heading and boat speeds) - new -

Setup sailing conditions :
- wind strength choice (from 1 to 7) - new -
- weather choice (sunny, rainy, stormy, foggy) - new -