PATCH 1.4 :

We are pleased to tell you that a new upgrade of Virtual Skipper 2 is available.
This patch 1.4 is cumulative and can be downloaded directly. It will improve the quality of the game and correct bugs we have discovered in patch 1.3.

This patch 1.4 corrects the blurry textures on some integrated graphic cards and solves the problem about Acc boats capsizing randomly in pro mode and with bad connections.
At last, scores now consider all the players that were present at the start of the regatta, ant not only those who arrived.

New Features (idem patch 1.3):

  • Private lobys have been added. They can be protected or not by a password. Skippers will be abble to isolate from general multiplayer area.
  • A scoring service has been inplemented. Scores will be available for display on the website. The scoring system is explained in the .txt file included in the patch.
  • A "pro" mode has been added which enables you to control your sails manually.
  • Abitlity to remove background in menus (this was causing problems with some graphic cards).
  • You can use the joystick to move the tiller while chatting.
Bugs fixed:
  • Compatibility problems with some versions of internet explorer
  • Problems with the boat customization feature
  • Transparency now supported in boats icons
  • Problem with a buoy in Match Race at "La Trinité"
  • Removed shifted text in the "server list" menu
  • lock up when 3 network cards on the same machine
  • problem with the italian version (already resolved in patch 1.2)
  • the Open60 do not wreck randomly anymore. (pb introduced with patch 1.1)
  • You can now trim the sails and move the tiller at the same time
  • various little glitches
We wish this upgrade will please you.

Note, it is very important to download and install this patch to continue playing on line.

Please, find below instructions you have to follow:

Download the patch on your computer. Double click on it and the exe of the game you had installed on your computer will be replaced with this one.

For any technical problems, please, contact


Download the patch

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