Description of Virtual Skipper 2 online game

Virtualskipper2.com is the official website of Virtual Skipper 2 game.
Virtual Skipper 2 proposes to play on line. To play online owners of Virtual Skipper 2 game must register on virtualskipper2.com website.
Virtual Skipper 2 website is produced and published by Duran S.A.

General conditions for use

The present conditions apply to the use of Virtual Skipper 2 online game and virtualskipper2.com website. Registering to virtualskipper2.com website implies the full and whole compliance, without reserve, of the buyer with these general conditions excluding any other documents whatsoever.
Registration to virtualskipper2.com website is reserved to the owners of Virtual Skipper 2 game and to the players who play with an online demo version of the game. This registration is free of charge. The fact that Duran S.A. does not exercise a right at any given time of any one of the provisions of these general conditions may not be interpreted as a renunciation to later exercising of said conditions.

Personal information for identifying the user

The identification details allow the user to identify him/herself and connect to the Virtual Skipper Online game within the limit of a single simultaneous connection. These details are personal and confidential. The user is entirely responsible for the use of the personal identification details concerning him/her within the limit of a single simultaneous connection.
The user pledges to keeping these personal identification details secret and to not divulge them in any form whatsoever.
In the event of a loss or omission of one of the personal identification details concerning the user, the user may send to Duran S.A. his serial number so Duran S.A. could send him back his ID .

License to use the Virtual Online Skipper software

Virtual Skipper 2 game, virtualskipper2.com website and the trademark are protected by regulations applying in France concerning intellectual property. Duran S.A. is sole holder of these rights.
To reproduce whole website or just one part of it, the user must ask for the authorization to Duran S.A.

Code of conduct

The user pledges to not send other players:
1. messages which may be construed as injurious, obscene, libellous, racist, xenophobic, revisionist or attacking the honour or reputation of another party, or inciting discrimination, hatred for a person or group of persons due to their origin or belonging or not belonging to an ethnic group, nation, race, or specific religion;
2. threats;
3. messages inciting theft, crime, rebellion and acts of terrorism or praising crimes, acts of terrorism, war crimes or crimes against humanity or promoting actions which are contrary to public order and morals;
4. messages which could be interpreted as advertising.
The same rules apply when the user participates in forums, conferences, « chats » or any other form of exchange organized or housed by the virtualskipper2.com site.

If Duran S.A. were to be informed of such acts it reserves the right to forbid the user access to its online game site, and if necessary to inform legal authorities regarding infractions it may be aware of.

Access to the Site

Access to the site is possible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week except in the event of force majeure or events beyond the control of Duran S.A. and with reserve of any breakdowns and maintenance intervention required for the proper operation of the site and equipment.
Duran S.A. pledges to undertake its best efforts to secure, in compliance with the state of the art, the access, consulting and use of its site and especially access to the Virtual Skipper 2 Online regatta game and allow access to it in the best possible conditions.
The user declares acceptance of the characteristics and limits of Internet, and in particular to recognize:
- that the user is solely responsible for the use it makes of the software which he/she downloads. As a consequence thereof, Duran S.A. may not be held, by a tacit or express obligation, as civilly responsible to the user for any direct or indirect damage resulting from the use or improper use of the software;
- that he/she is aware of the nature of the Internet, especially its technical performances and the response time for consulting, querying or transferring data.
- that the communication by the user of his/her personal identification details or in general any information considered by the user as confidential is done at his/her risk;
- that the user must take every necessary measure to ensure that the technical characteristics of his/her computer allow him/her to play the Virtual Skipper 2 Online game.

Right of access and correction

The Information collected on the virtualskipper2.com Internet site are the subject matter of automatic processing and may be reused by Duran S.A. and its subsidiaries as well as by its partners or the advertisers on the virtualskipper.com site.
The user may receive, from Duran S.A., its subsidiaries or partners and advertisers, propositions by other companies or organizations. If the user does not wish to be solicited, he/she simply has
to write to Duran S.A. and indicate his/her last name, first name and address.
By the terms of the law "Informatique et Libertés" (Computers and Freedom) dated January 6, 1978, the user has a right of access and correction on recorded data. He/she may correct this data by contacting Duran S.A.

Operation of the site

The Duran company operates the virtualskipper2.com website free of charge in order to allow owners of the virtualskipper2 CD-ROM to play online against other competitors. This site does not constitute an addition to the virtualskipper2 CD-ROM, which is intended for use on a personal computer apart from any network. Consequently, Duran reserves the right to alter and/or remove the virtualskipper2.com website without notice and without liability for any compensation whatsoever.

Applicable legislation

These general conditions are exclusively governed by French law. The user must inform him/herself regarding legal provisions which apply to these matters in France.