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1) The game doens't start, the d3d8.dll is asked :

The directX 8.1b (not 8.0) must be installed. You'll find it in the VSK2 CDROM or you can download it from :


2) There are some display glitches (objects flickering, ...)

Make sure you have the latest version of the video drivers for your graphic card, and the latest DirectX version (currently, 8.1b).


3) Navigation is very hard

Navigation is very hard, because the tiller is always pulled back to the center. If I leave the right arrow pressed, the tiller starts moving, but comes back to the center.

You probably have a joystick, which creates unexpected inputs. Solution: use the joytick to control the tiller, or unplug your joystick from the PC...


4) suported graphic cards with VSK2 !!

the following graphics cards have been tested and work well:
> NVidia: the whole GeForce, TNT2
> Matrox: G400, G450
> Ati: Radeon
> PowerVR: Kyro 1 & 2
> The latest ATI catalys beta drivers are known to work with ATI 9700 and VSK2

The following graphics cards dosen't work well:
> Ati: Rage LT pro
> S3 Twister
> Voodoo Banshee
> intel i810 (windowed mode only)

ATI Radeo VE Drivers

We are waiting for our repports to add informations about others graphics cards..

5) I cannot enter my key in the game installer.

This is a known problem with the VSK2Config application, try using only lower case letters...

6) Browsing problems
The web site is optimised for Internet Explorer 5 and more, and Netscape 4.5 and more (avoid the 6.0)


7) I create a server, but nobody can join

I cannot join a server, although it is in green in the available servers list.

Anybody behind a firewall cannot be server.
That is, unless he configures his firewall, for example lowering the security level. (The game uses port 2350 with TCP and UDP, as well as the HTTP port)

8) I've got troubles with my serial number (key).

There are two known problems:
It is hard to read on the box, and you have to type it in twice.

The solution is:

1) Enter the key on the web site to register. By trial and error, you will obtain the correct key.
For your information, you should use lower case letters and some letters are hard to distinguish.

There is no ambiguity for
1, i and L: i is a vertical bar, L is 'L' and 1 is '1'.

It is harder to distiguish O, 0 (nough) and Q. Q as a little stain in the lower right corner.

Once the key is validated on Internet, you will receive an email, it will contain the correct serial number.

2) Type the correct key in VSK2Config.

If the key typed in VSK2Config is not correct, the game will not connect to the internet server, stating that the "key is invalid".

9) My USB controller does not work with the game.

If you have an USB hub, try connecting the controller directly to the computer, without using the hub.


10) The game won't run on windows 95 systems.

the game won't run on windows 95 systems due to the fact it needs direct x 8.1 only available from windows 98 systems and above.


11) problem with video introduction ?

In order to avoid problems with video introduction, add "/novideo" on the command line of vsk2's icon property (prompt command)

"C:\Program Files\DURAN\VirtualSkipper2\Vsk2.exe" /novideo


12) How can I know my graphic card ?

clic on the right button of your mouse on the desktop of your computer.
Choose "properties" and then "parameters".
You will have there a short description of your card and if you clic on "advance" you will find more details about it.


13) Where can I download my graphic card updated drivers ?

drivers for Nvidia card:

drivers for ATI card:

drivers for i810, i845...:


14) When I complete and win a championship, why can't I get into the next one ?

W hen you win a championship, the last screen displayed is the one with the cup and congratulations.

Once you get this screen, you have to clic on the arrow on botom right of the screen to validate the end of the championship. Then the features are unbloked and you can get into the next championship.

If you press on "escape" key of your keyboard instead of the "arrow" on the screen, the informations about the championship won't be saved and you won't be able to get into the next championship.


15) How to recover a lost online account ?

If you've lost your online account (login, password) and you've not changed your email address (since the registration), you can receive your account by email by going at:
Recover my online account


Another problem ?

Send us a mail.