1) What are Virtual Skipper 2 main features ?

Virtual Skipper 2
is a 3D real time regatta simulator.
You are the skipper of a racing yacht. You need to control your opponents and take the best choices on the water stretche in order to win the regatta..

Key features :
• 4 sailing boats and 5 water stretches among the most famous sailing area around the world.
• Realistic sailing conditions which parameters can be defined by the player.
• True Internartional racing rules management.
• 3 type of regatta.
• 4 game modes.
• Multiplayer over the Internet.
• 2 players on the same computer with a splited screen.

2) Who is Virtual Skipper 2 content suitable for?

Virtual Skipper 2
have content suitable for everyone. It will appeal to people of any ages and tastes. It is highly recommended to anyone interested in sailing but also suit to novice.
Virtual Skipper 2 will provide you termendous race sensations without getting water in the cockpit, or scratching the paint !


3) What language will be available in Virtual Skipper 2 ?

Virtual Skipper 2 will be available in French, English, German, Italian and Spanish.


4) When will be available Virtual Skipper 2 ?

It will be available in October worldwide.


5) What are Virtual Skipper 2 improvement compared to first version ?

Graphisms and simulation have been largely improved.
New water stretches are available and they are all accuratly 3D modeled.

There are new boats including a racing multihull.
Player interface include new functions as sails selection and control, international sailing rules real time display and textual explanation, setable cameras.

Sailing conditions are setable with wind force choice, weather choice.

There is also a split-screen mode which allows two players to race on the same computer.

6) What are the system requierement ?

Minimal configuration
Windows 98
Pentium II 450
64MB Ram
32MB 3D graphic card
DirectX 8.1 compatible sound card
Modem 56K
8x CD-rom drive

(recommended configuration.)

7) How to order Virtual Skipper 2 CD-rom ?
It will be available in the online boutique late September, and in stores in October.


8) Can I try the game before buying ?

Yes of course. You will be soon able to download a free demo version.


9) Can I update Virtual Skipper 1 to Virtual Skipper 2 ?

No, Virtual Skipper 2 is a new game and isn't compatible with Virtual Skipper 1.


10) Is there a multiplayer mode in Virtual Skipper 2 ?

Yes, there are 3 multiplayer modes:
2 players on the same computer with a splited screen.
Up to 8 players on a LAN network.
Up to 8 players via Internet.


11) Is Virtual Skipper 2 working on Mac OS, Play Station, Xbox or Game Cube ?

No, at this time Virtual Skipper 2 is exclusively for PC.


12) What game resolutions can be set ?

From 640 x 380 px up to 1600 x 1200 px


13) What are the suported graphic cards ?

All the recent cards with at least 32MB memory (16MB AGP). (see help for more details)


Another question ?

Contact the technical support or see the Help part.